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At Global Auto Repair in Poughkeepsie, our team is passionate about classic car repair work, and our daily drive is fueled by the excitement of turning your classic car dreams into reality. Whether it's minor repairs for late-model vehicles or extensive overhauls for classic models, we possess the expertise to get the job done to perfection. You can find us at 36 Noxon Rd in Poughkeepsie, or reach us at 845-849-2800 to schedule an appointment or arrange for towing services.

Suspension and Steering
Transform a classic car's manual steering into power steering for a smoother driving experience. Adjust the quick ratio of an old classic car to emulate the ratio of a modern sports car. When you turn corners on city streets, your car's front wheels pivot on steering knuckles connected to the steering rack. After years of wear and tear, it becomes essential to replace tie rods, leaf springs, or coil springs to restore your vehicle's ability to release energy when in motion. Consider opting for lowering springs that offer more coils in a condensed stack for a low-profile look.

For more information and to explore our classic car services, please contact us at 845-849-2800. You can also request a quote by clicking below:

To learn more about our classic car repair services, call us at 845-849-2800 or request a quote by clicking below:

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