At Global Auto Repair in Poughkeepsie we get up and go to work each day just for the thrill of bringing classic cars and trucks roaring back to life. Our dream is to make your dream for your classic car or truck come true. From small late model auto repairs to big chops or complete OEM overhauls, at Global Auto Repair in Poughkeepsie we've got the expertise to get the job done right. Stop by Global Auto Repair at 36 Noxon Rd in Poughkeepsie or call for an appointment or tow at 845-849-2800.

Suspension and Steering

Convert a classic car's manual steering to power steering. Adjust the quick ratio of an old classic car to feel like the ratio of a modern sports car. At Global Auto Repair we know classic car enthusiasts in Poughkeepsie demand more from their high-performance cars and trucks. When you turn a corner on Poughkeepsie streets your front wheels pivot on steering knuckles connected to the steering rack. Years of wear and tear means replacing the tie rods, leaf springs, or coil springs to restore your vehicle's ability to release energy when your car or truck is in motion. Go low profile and replace stock springs with lowering springs that offer more coils in a condensed stack.

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